Meet the CMC Family

When it comes to compressed air control, performance, and monitoring solutions, CMC’s comprehensive approach to creating market-ready solutions knows no bounds.

From developing bespoke solutions for original equipment manufacturers across the world to providing fully developed products and solutions under its AIRMASTER™ and AIRMATICS™ brands, CMC is globally recognized as a true end-to-end compressed air specialist.

  • Airmaster

    Stay in Control

    AIRMASTER™ is the leading international manufacturer of embedded air compressor controls for original equipment manufacturers of all sizes, sectors, and industries.

  • Airmatics™

    A Breath of Fresh Air

    AIRMATICS™ is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for monitoring, performance, and control of air compressors.

    It provides real-time data, analytics, and insights at the push of a button, and helps air compressor users reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating wastage.

  • SCADAR Icon


    Compressed Air Auditing

    SCADAR™ assists service providers by equipping them with the tools necessary to conduct forensic compressed air audits, support their customers’ journey towards carbon neutrality, and identify where compressed air efficiencies can be made.