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Adding Value to Air Compressors Across the World

Since opening its doors in 1985, CMC has carved an international reputation for designing controls without compromise and that add value to manufacturers that incorporate them.

CMC’s approach to producing robust, multi-functional control solutions from its Belgium-based facility has seen the business evolve into a multinational firm with a presence in China, USA, France, Turkey and the UK.

Turnkey and Tailored Controller Solutions for the 21st Century Manufacturer

After three decades of developing, refining and innovating, CMC has created a product portfolio that addresses the challenges faced by original equipment manufacturers and manufacturing facilities at every end of the manufacturing spectrum.

Harnessing the skills and expertise of its research and development team, which accounts for 60 per cent of the business and includes those at the very top of their field, CMC has created solutions based on global manufacturing trends, research and customer feedback that have the ability to not only address today’s challenges, but also those that manufacturers’ may encounter tomorrow.

A Distillation of Four Decades’ Worth of Experience

Having worked across a multitude of sectors and industries, CMC has been able to channel three decades of experience into producing easy-to-use hardware and software application solutions that:

Having continually invested in research and development and refined our products based on customer needs, trends and efficiency requirements, our products represent the very latest in functionality and design.

This means that our customers save time and cost associated with developing bespoke software and hardware by choosing a CMC product that has already evolved in line with the needs of the manufacturer.

One Port of Call, Multiple Solutions

CMC’s end-to-end approach to machine controllers and its ability to operate at every stage of the supply chain – from machine control design, component sourcing and assembly to testing and supply – is what continues to attract industry’s leading air compressor manufacturers and high-profile manufacturing brands across the globe.

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